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Resonate Counselling is registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to hold and process personal information under the UK General Data Protection Regulations (UK GDPR) tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018.

Registration number: ZB056744

For more information visit

Why information is collected and kept when obtained via the website.

I store email, addresses and phone number details, confidentially, for the purposes of communication/therapy, whilst you are in therapy. Once therapy has discontinued your details will be digitally deleted. 

How long Resonate Counselling keeps information for.

Digital records of your therapy will be deleted once therapy is completed or ended.  Handwritten notes are kept in a locked cupboard for five years, and then shredded.  (This is an insurance requirement.)

If you do not wish to share your details with Resonate Counselling.


You are within your rights to decline to share information with me.  This would make assessments and keeping notes on therapy sessions very difficult, as I use the information to help me to deliver therapy.  This would only enable me to treat the symptoms without understanding the underlying cause.   


Are there other recipients (Third parties) of your personal information?

No, with the exception of supervision, training, and if there is a serious concern for your safety or others. All counsellors have supervision. (This is a BACP requirement. )  A supervisor supports counsellors to maintain their professional and ethical practices and develop their knowledge.  What this means in terms of sharing your information is that your contact details are not shared with the supervisor, instead you will be given a client number when you begin therapy. The supervisor will only have access to your client number and I will not use your name. Notes made during therapy sessions may be shared with the supervisor, as well as general discussions on how to continue therapy. 


I am required to attend training courses as part of my Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  I may need to share caseloads in order to review, process and reflect on the cases.  Your details will be anonymised, meaning that any identifying personal details will not be shared. 


I may need to disclose to relevant authorities, if I have serious concerns regarding a client’s intent to cause harm to themselves or others.  This will include acts of terrorism and intent to carry out a serious criminal act.  This breach in confidentiality is never taken lightly and great consideration will be given before any disclosure is made.  To reassure you, this level of disclosure is rare.


Resonate Counselling has an open and transparent policy on privacy and confidentiality.  Please feel free to ask questions on how I hold and process your information.

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