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Initial Consultation By Telephone

The first contact between us will be a free telephone consultation which is usually 15-20 minutes long to discuss what your concerns are and how I can help.  Then an appointment can be booked for an assessment.




The assessment can be anywhere from 60-90 minutes in duration and will consist of questions about your relationships, work, mental and physical health and your life history.  This information will help me to determine how to help you.  Please see the privacy policy for details on how and why Resonate Counselling retains your personal information.  It is also an opportunity for us to get more acquainted with each other.   You will also be informed about the working contract between us and you will be given the contract to take home with you. Take your time to read it before you sign it.  The assessment can often feel quite intensive, please let me know if you need a break.  If you are happy to proceed, an appointment will be made for your first session.


The First Session

The sessions are all 50 minutes in duration.  Hot and cold drinks will be offered on arrival, please let me know if you have any food allergies, so your needs can be accommodated and please make every effort to arrive on time, whether the appointment is face-to-face or via video call.  The contract will also be signed by both parties.  I may also open a discussion regarding the assessment and how best to start therapy.  Your involvement in your therapy is vital so please feel free to raise any concerns or share opinions.  After your first session you will be able to book further sessions. 


Video Calls

Resonate Counselling uses Zoom to facilitate video calls.  The calls work in the same way as face- to-face.  The video sessions are carried out in a private environment, to ensure confidentiality and no interruptions.  The contract will be emailed to you, to give you time to read it and return it to once signed. 

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